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Taekwon-Do Maximus

About the School

Taekwon-Do Maximus is a family friendly Martial Art School and has been operating at its present location since May 2000.

All classes are taught in a safe, encouraging, family friendly atmosphere that challenges the potential of each student without seeming too overwhelming.

Newcomers are welcomed into a team environment where "No one sits on the bench". The higher ranks teach the black belt attitude by challenging and encouraging new students to always give 110 percent.

Contact Us

Call Master Kenneth Hance at 905-525-9755 or visit the school to watch a class (location of school).


We are located:

  • On the Second Floor, 450 Main Street East (at Erie), Hamilton;
  • Above "Smart Choice" (formerly 'Rent 2 Own');
  • Across the street from the "No Frills" Plaza (Main & Tisdale).


The following programs focus on the development of…

Children (6-12 years old)

  • Self-discipline and self-confidence through the setting and achieving of goals.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Safety awareness, self-defense and fitness.

Youth & Adults (13 and Up)

  • Fitness and self-confidence by challenging students both physically and mentally.
  • Strength, agility and flexibility through proven training methods.
  • Practical self-defense capabilities with an emphasis on knife and stick disarm drills.


Master Kenneth Hance

  • Master Instructor & Owner;
  • Seventh Degree Black Belt, ITF, RKH 7-11
  • Trained with Taekwon-Do founder General Choi Hong Hi;
  • Currently training under First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha (most senior ITF Instructor in the world);
  • Over 40 years of experience in the martial arts;
  • First Degree Black Belt, American Hapkido Association;
  • Kids Safe Network Instructor;

Mr. Mike DaSilva

  • International Instructor;
  • Fourth Degree Black Belt, ITF, RKH 4-41
  • Two-time National ITF Champion;
  • Honours College Graduate.

Assistant Instructors…

Mr. David H. Dost: Third Degree Black Belt ITF; Second Degree Black Belt, American Hapkido Association; Successful business owner.

Ms. Bettina Sommer: Third Degree Black Belt ITF; Former school operator in Germany.

Ms. Kennedy Hance: Second Degree Black Belt ITF and University Student.

Ms. Abigail Hance: Second Degree Black Belt ITF; Honour Student and Taekwon-Do Champion.

Mr. Dan Ormond: First Degree Black Belt ITF; Taekwon-Do Mentor & Successful business owner.



  • "As an older woman who has just recently joined Taekwon-Do Maximus, I am continually impressed with the patience the instructors have. I find as a person who is not very coordinated, I can credit the instructors for helping me progress on a weekly basis as I learn new techniques. I am gaining more confidence as I am learning new ways to defend myself. This school has a very positive environment and is a great place to learn Taekwon-Do. - Angie T -Retiree
  • "As a busy university student, there are few activities that I value as much as my regular training at Taekwon-Do Maximus. The instructors are highly dedicated to their art and to their students, and they take care to provide engaging classes in a positive and supportive learning environment. Although the martial arts programs are a great way to relieve stress and stay fit, there are many more benefits of training at the school. The self-defense and fighting techniques that I have learned give me confidence in my ability to defend myself on the street. Mentally, I have developed a strong sense of discipline and focus, which allows me to do well in my academic studies. Most importantly, training with the instructors at Taekwon-Do Maximus encourages me to work hard for success in all areas of my life. Taekwon-Do Maximus teaches both fighting skills and life skills in an open and encouraging environment you won't find anywhere else. – Deborah L.  Medical Student and Taekwon-Do Practitioner.
  • Parents

    • "I've noticed positive changes in my son ever since he started Tae Kwon-Do. His behaviour is better, his cooperation is better, and he tries harder on a daily basis. He still has problems concentrating on his school work, but he doesn't argue as much as before, he is more responsible for his actions, and knows when he has done something wrong. My husband and I are very proud of him, and we want to thank you for your help and support." – Fatima A. – Parent of Taekwon-Do Student